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Receive Comprehensive Preventative Dental Care
at WholeLife Dentistry

Providing comprehensive preventative care is one of the most important things we can do as a dental provider. A combination of regular dental visits, cleanings, at home care and services can help patients maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for many, many years. Let’s look at what’s included in our preventative dentistry care and why each component is important.

Regular Dental Visits

Maintaining twice-yearly visits to the dentist is vital to preventing decay and gum disease. Over time, plaque and calculus can build up on the teeth. Even rigorous at home brushing can still leave it behind in tough to reach places. Professional dental cleanings can ensure the removal of plaque and calculus before it has a chance to cause disease or infection. Additionally, the dentist will be able to monitor the mouth for signs of problems before they require extensive treatment.

At-Home Oral Hygiene

Another important job is equipping our patients with the knowledge and skills to keep up proper oral hygiene at home. We are always happy to discuss questions like proper brushing and flossing technique or what type of toothbrush and toothpaste to use. Empowering patients to take make oral health at home, a priority is always important to us.


Tooth sealants are a service we offer to patients to help protect teeth. Even after good oral hygiene and regular dental visits, there are still grooves in the teeth where plaque can hide. Sealants are easy to apply in one office visit and can protect teeth from decay.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Early detection is vital when it comes to positive outcomes with oral cancer. We encourage all of our patients who smoke or use tobacco to quit as it can greatly increase your risk. We are happy to provide resources to help with quitting. In addition, we screen for oral cancer during every dental exam to help identify the early sings of cancer.

It’s important to remember that preventative services are only effective if you take advantage of them. The consequences for not taking care of the teeth can include extensive and expensive dental work. If you are in Plantation, FL or the surrounding area, give us a call today to schedule an exam.

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