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Dental Bridges and Crowns at
WholeLife Dentistry in Plantation

"Innovative, personalized, and comfortable...3 words to describe the level of care you receive at Wholelife Dentistry. The experience in the office is always about overall wellness and care. I've seen Dr. Vallejo for 10 years. I haven't had a cavity in 10 years. Coincidence? I think not."
~ David R.

Dental crowns

We often recommend crowns for patients with badly damaged or decayed teeth. A crown is a thick layer of dental porcelain, which encases the tooth. It is designed using the principles of cosmetic dentistry, and top quality materials.

The most common conditions requiring crowns include:
  • Excessive decay that is too severe for a filling
  • Failing old fillings that have compromised the tooth structure
  • Cracked tooth syndrome, which is a fracture in a tooth causing pain or sensitivity
  • Root canal treated teeth, which tend to become fragile and require protection
  • Misshapen or otherwise unattractive teeth that are not viable candidates for veneers

Dental bridges

Bridgework is a traditional technique for replacing a missing tooth. It involves placing crowns on both adjacent teeth, with a false tooth (pontic) fused between them, filling the gap. There is a growing number of people opting for implant-supported restorations rather than fixed bridges. Implants offer supreme stability, convenient oral hygiene, and they can last a lifetime. However, some patients choose bridges due to the speed of treatment, or low-upfront costs, so we offer this service as well.

Like dental crowns, bridges are designed to look natural and beautiful. They do require a bit of extra attention to oral hygiene, as you will need to clean between the false tooth and the gum. This may be accomplished with a tool such as a floss threader or Waterpik.

What to expect

The procedure for dental crowns and bridges is very similar. First, the area is numbed completely to ensure your comfort. Next, the tooth or teeth will be prepared. In most cases, some tooth material is removed, although occasionally teeth must be built up to achieve ideal size and shape. Impressions are made, and a temporary crown may be placed.

The final crown or bridge is fabricated by a top dental laboratory, using quality, high-strength dental porcelain. When it is ready, we will schedule your next appointment. The doctor will gently remove the temporary crown, check the esthetics and fit of the new one, and then cement it in place. For more information or appointment requests, please call WholeLife Dentistry by Dr. Vallejo at 954-382-0110.

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