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Dr. Freddy Vallejo DDS, PA Reviewed by Lisa A.
" My Dentist is the best Dentist I have ever had! He is calm, reassuring, and patient with me. He never rushes me and is always easy going and willing to answer all my questions. "

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We are proud to announce that Dr. Freddy Vallejo, DDS was awarded the 2015 Dentistry Plantation Patients' Choice Award.
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Maintain Your Oral Health with
General Dental Care at WholeLife Dentistry

Dr. Vallejo and his team have committed themselves to providing general dentistry services to maintain and improve patients' oral health. One of the most important ways this is done is through preventative care.

Preventative care is important because it can greatly reduce the risk of oral health problems. Cavities and gum disease are the two most common dental issues. These problems can occur in patients of any age and are almost completely preventable. Prevention is not a single treatment that is performed. This ongoing process involves commitment to oral hygiene at home as well as professional dental care.

Many lifestyle and environmental factors can put patients at risk for developing cavities and gum disease. Busy lives can lead to an increase in unhealthy meal options. Smoking can cause a whole host of health problems. Lack of education about proper oral hygiene can also lead to health issues.

We work hard to educate all of our patients on proper techniques and practices to keep the teeth and gums healthy. While everyone is aware that it is important to brush teeth twice each day, many may be surprised to find out that tooth brushing should last about two minutes. Properly brushing the teeth is important, making sure to reach all surfaces and the tongue. Flossing is one of the most overlooked oral hygiene steps, but one of the most important. Flossing removes food particles that brushing alone cannot.

Twice yearly visits with the dentist are the other component of keeping the mouth healthy. For starters, you will receive a professional cleaning that can thoroughly remove tartar and plaque build-up. In addition, the dentist is able to monitor the mouth for early signs of decay or gum disease. Detecting these issues early makes a big difference in treatment options.

At Whole Life Dental, you are offered a wide range of general dentistry services, from preventative care to restorative treatment. We will help you get back on the fast track to oral health and a beautiful smile. If you live in the Plantation, FL area and you would like more information about our services, call us today.

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