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The Benefits of Clear Braces & Aligners
with Invisalign in Plantation

Having straight teeth not only helps patients feel good about themselves, it important to their health. Crooked teeth are harder to keep clean, leaving patients more susceptible to cavities and gingivitis. Straight teeth also help a patient feel confidence in their smile and improve their self-esteem. Many adults have shied away from conventional braces with metal brackets and wires because of the impact on appearance. Now there is an option to improve your smile without them. Dr. Vallejo offers Invisalign clear aligners to provide patients the option to straighten teeth without anyone knowing.

How do they work?

Invisalign treatments use a series of clear plastic aligner trays to move the teeth gradually. Dr. Vallejo will take a 3-D image of your teeth to map out a treatment plan. From there, a series of clear aligners is created based on the movement of your teeth. The clear-aligners are made from a BPA-free plastic. Patients will wear the liners for 24-hours-a day but can remove them to brush, floss, and eat. The teeth will begin to straighten, requiring the aligner trays to be replaced approximately every two weeks. Dr. Vallejo will monitor your progress with check-ups every six weeks.

The Advantages

Conventional metal braces do work to straighten teeth and are the recommended choice for many patients, but tend to come with some discomfort. Metal brackets can cause mouth sores and tightening the wires can be painful. Brushing and flossing teeth can also become a difficult task. Invisalign can provide the same straight smile for our patients with fewer inconveniences:
  • Clear aligners are virtually invisible – No one will know that you are straightening your teeth.
  • Clear aligners are removable – Keeping proper daily oral hygiene is much more convenient with Invisalign. Patients are also free to eat whatever they want.
  • Clear aligners are comfortable – Patients do not have to worry about the mouth irritation from other teeth-straightening methods. The aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable plastic.

Who is a candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is designed for adults who have all of their permanent teeth however; some older teenagers may be suitable for the Invisalign Teen treatment system. If you are a parent, Dr. Vallejo will discuss with you the best options to straighten your child’s teeth.

The road to a straight smile does not have to disrupt your life. Call Dr. Vallejo today to make an appointment and find out if the Invisalign system is right for you.

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