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Root Canal and other Treatment Options
for Your Tooth Pain

Visiting the dentist twice each year is extremely important to oral health. By allowing your Plantation, FL area dentist to examine the teeth about every six months, you are ensuring that you are on top of any potential problems that could arise such as cavities or gum disease. Unfortunately, many people put off their regular dental visits. Some feel like they don’t need to go to the dentist unless they are experiencing pain or other symptoms. Others have dental anxiety, which can lead to a fear of the dentist. Regardless of the reason, we encourage all of our patients to maintain their appointments at Whole Life Dental.

One of the most common problems that arise when there is a lack of dental care is toothaches. Tooth pain can be extremely debilitating and it should never be ignored. Whether you are simply experiencing an increase in sensitivity or have throbbing tooth pain, it’s important to come into the office as soon as possible for evaluation.

Treating tooth pain

When there is tooth pain, it can be a sign of infection caused by bacteria. Many different types of bacteria naturally occur in the mouth. When the bacteria feed off the sugars in the foods and drinks we consume it creates acid, which can erode the tooth enamel and cause a cavity. Untreated cavities can continue to progress all the way down to the pulp chamber of the tooth where there are vessels and nerves. When an infection reaches the inner pulp, the tooth becomes in danger of requiring extraction. When this occurs, the best method of treatment is a root canal.

Root canals work by removing the infection from the pulp chamber of the tooth. They are a very effective way to save the tooth structure, eliminate pain, and avoid extraction. While root canals often get a bad reputation for being painful, they are not painful, and they are actually the best way to alleviate painful toothaches associated with infection.

The best way to avoid infection and the need for a root canal is to brush morning and night and floss every day along with maintaining regular dental visits. If you want to learn more about preventive care, or simply need to schedule your twice yearly cleaning and exam, call us today.

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