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Get At-Home Teeth Whitening Help
from WholeLife Dentistry in Plantation

Cosmetic services to improve the appearance of teeth have become popular in the last few decades. The process of teeth whitening has evolved in this time and has become one of the leading ways for patients to transform their smiles. It's easy to see why. Teeth whitening is fast, affordable, and produces amazing results.

Commercial companies have latched on to this teeth whitening bandwagon, providing over-the-counter options for patients to whiten teeth without the assistance of the dentist. The lure of these products is easy to understand. It is convenient for patients to walk into the local drug store, pick-up a whitening kit and head home to begin treatment. The problem is that these products rarely produce satisfactory results. Over-the-counter bleaching agents are limited in strength. While they may be able to help with some staining, they are not very effective to make the smile much whiter. Additionally, they are one size fits all, which means they may not whiten evenly for every individual.

Knowing how much patients embrace the convenience of whitening their teeth on their own schedule, we offer professional-grade at home solutions. The bleaching agent is much stronger than over-the-counter methods, but patients still have the ability to wear the trays in the comfort of his or her own home. Another benefit is that the trays and gel can be kept for periodic touch-up if ever needed.

At-home professional whitening kits utilize custom fitted trays that are crafted from molds of the patients' teeth. This ensures an accurate fit and even whitening. It also helps ensure that the gums are not exposed to the whitening gel. These custom trays are specially designed to allow the teeth to absorb the maximum amount of gel for optimal results.

Before beginning any whitening treatment (whether at home or in-office), it is important to have a professional cleaning. This ensures that all plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth and they are ready to absorb the gel evenly.

A beautiful smile can be achieved conveniently in the comfort of home. To learn more about the advantages of professional teeth whitening in the Plantation, FL area, call Whole Life Dental today.

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